MARY Smart

MARY Smart

We are happy to present a new generation of electromagnetic receivers - MARY Smart. The novel device combines in itself portability, innovational approaches and multifunctionality, typical to all instrumentation of the MARY series.

Short description and field of use

MARY Smart is a single-channel EM receiver with 24-bit ADC and low noise level (<1 µV), operated from a smartphone.

MARY Smart is intended for being used in mineral exploration; engineering, ecological, geological and other applications. It supports the following EM prospecting methods:
Resistivity & IP sounding
Vertical electrical sounding (VES), dipole-dipole, and other classic sounding methods with 4-electrode (AMNB) or 3-electrode (AMN, MNB) arrays. Works in frequency domain. Could be performed along with induced polarization (IP) measurements expressed in terms of differential phase parameter (DPP, °) values.

Resistivity & IP profiling
Classic 4-electrode (AMNB, gradient) array electrical resistivity profiling method. Works both in frequency and time domains. Could be performed along with induced polarization (IP) measurements expressed in terms of differential phase parameter (DPP, °) or chargeability (%) values.
Controlled-source EM
Controlled-source (inductive) electromagnetic sounding method with amplitude and differential phase measurements of either electric or magnetic field components. Works in frequency domain.
Other methods
Classic self-potential (SP) method, SP gradient method, ground currents measurement, tracing power lines and buried pipes using power-line frequency (50/60 Hz), etc.
Multifunctional receiver MARY Smart could be operated with a help of any modern smartphone or tablet PC with OS Android 7.0 or newer.

Handling EM receiver through a smartphone rises its functionality and operational comfort of EM prospecting process to essentially new level.

MARY Smart software supports interactive visualization of raw profiling and sounding data, displays maps and pseudo cross-sections of the acquired data, and allows trying simplistic inversion schemes right in the field.

Download MARY Smart software
MARY Smart operation software for Android platform could be freely downloaded through the Google Play service

Key features of MARY Smart

Supported methods: Controlled-source EM, Vertical electric soundings and resistivity profiling (with or without induced polarization measurements); tracing buried pipes and power lines, self-potential and ground currents measurement.
IP exploration
Induced polarization measurements could be performed both in frequency and time domains, and represented as differential phase parameter (DPP) or percent frequency effect (PFE) values vs. frequency, as well as chargeability values vs. decay time.
Smartphone operation
MARY Smart operation could be controlled with the help of any smartphone or tablet PC with OS Android 7.0 or newer.
Wi-Fi connection
Connection with a smartphone or tablet PC is established via Wi-Fi network. Implementation of smart working regimes for the Wi-Fi transmitter allows reducing power consumption and discharging rate of MARY Smart battery.
Light weight (about 400 g) and small size (135х110х35 mm) make the field work process with MARY Smart easy and comfortable.
Internal battery
Built-in Li-ion battery 3,7 V, 3,4 А·h allows working for up to 10 hours without using external batteries. Quick charge from both 12 V power source or USB.
Delivery set
  • MARY Smart reciever
with carrying bag, instructions and passport
  • Rugget Smartphone
by default BlackView (IP68) with stylus
  • Charging and power cables
USB (5V) and from an external battery 12V
  • Power Bank (10000 Ah)
for powering and recharging the receiver and smartphone
MARY Smart
Complete with a rugged smartphone
460 000
Special discount for schools and academic institutions - 15%
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